Report: EU funding legal action against IDF

Funds go to leftist program of legal action against soldiers - which asserts that harm to Palestinian Arabs not adequately investigated.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

European Union flag
European Union flag

Research organization NGO Monitor has revealed that the European Union has begun funding a project to promote personal legal proceedings against IDF soldiers at the request of left-wing organizations.

The anti-Israeli plan is likely to disrupt daily security activity to prevent terror.

According to the report this morning, Sunday, in Israel Hayom, the Europeans have allocated about a quarter of a million euros to the plan by November 2019. The funding request is also open for subsequent years, and according to the plan of the leftist organizations, it will continue until 2021.

The program, called "A culture of impunity among Israeli security forces," was initiated by Yesh Din and is being carried out jointly with Physicians for Human Rights and Breaking the Silence.

According to the left-wing organizations, Israel's legal system is not capable of adequately investigating the illegal attacks of soldiers on Palestinian residents. "The military justice system grants almost complete impunity for Israeli soldiers and their behavior" in cases of "forced entries into homes," the application document states.

According to the document, the project will provide Palestinian Arab women with cameras that will document arrests and security activities carried out by IDF soldiers.

The document also stated that the plan was intended to "challenge the continued violations of human rights resulting from house break-ins, which are often arbitrarily carried out by Israeli security forces." But what are called "house break-ins" are, in fact, terrorist detentions carried out by the IDF and Shin Bet security forces in Judea and Samaria.