'A monument to stupidity and corruption'

MK Glick arrives at Netiv Ha'avot, where security forces are demolishing houses by supreme court order. 'Sights that make one shudder.'

Rafael Levi ,

MK Glick in Netiv Ha'avot
MK Glick in Netiv Ha'avot
Staff for Struggle of Netiv Ha'avot

Two days after the evacuation of the 15 houses in Netiv Ha’avot, the houses continue to be demolished Thursday morning.

After security forces demolished 10 houses yesterday, five more homes belonging to the Dan Heer, Bolwick, Yehezkeli, Noy and Bar-Lev families were demolished this morning.

MK Yehuda Glick (Likud) arrived this morning to the neighborhood in the Gush Etzion community of Elazar, in order to encourage the residents in light of the harsh scenes of house demolitions.

"The sights make one shudder, and the thought of why this is happening makes one shudder even more,” Glick said. “It brings me back to the sights of Gush Katif, for which today we are paying the price. It's just awful. It's done just because of the evil of left-wing organizations that decided to talk for Palestinians, as it were, even though no Palestinian is going to get any benefit from this. There are no words.”

"Up until yesterday morning there was a house in this place, now there is a ruin here, a monument to stupidity, corruption and imperviousness. This is an area where no one will benefit. It is simply evil for its own sake. No words."