US official to Arutz Sheva
'Peace plan will not be presented unilaterally'

According to official, as long as PA refuses to speak with US, the plan won't be finalized.

Nitzan Keidar,

Jason Greenblatt meets Binyamin Netanyahu
Jason Greenblatt meets Binyamin Netanyahu
Flash 90

A US administration official involved in formulating President Trump's "Deal of the Century" for negotiations between Israel and the PA told Arutz Sheva that for now, there is no deadline for presenting the plan, as long as the PA refuses to talk to the US.

"The peace plan will not be presented unilaterally. We are still far from the moment we will bring it to the sides, because at the moment there is only one side that is dealing with us in intensive dialogue," the official said.

He admitted that as of now, the Americans are not succeeding, even through intermediaries, in reaching a dialogue with the PA. Next week, US special envoy to the Middle East Jason Greenblatt and President Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner are due to arrive in Israel. The two will hold several meetings on the program with senior Israeli officials, including the prime minister, but they will not reach Ramallah, where they are not considered welcome.

In recent days there has been a growing number of reports that the Americans are on the verge of formulating a peace plan to be presented soon. On the Israeli side, however, there have been a number indications that the arrival of Kushner and Greenblatt is intended to present ideas for a plan that has not yet been finalized - and to try to find a target date for its presentation, while the attempts to bring the PA to the table continue, mainly with the help of Saudi and Egyptian pressure.

It should be noted that sources close to Netanyahu have already said that the prime minister intends to seriously consider any plan the president proposes to resolve the conflict between Israel and the PA, even if it includes what have been called "bitter pills" for the Israeli side.