MK begins hunger strike to raise tobacco tax

MK Yehuda Glick hunger strikes until Finance Minister imposes rolling tobacco tax. 'I can no longer say my hands didn't spill this blood.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Rolling tobacco
Rolling tobacco
MK Yehuda Glick announced today he would launch a hunger strike until Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon raised the tax on rolling tobacco.

"Who will stand silent in memory of 8,000 people who died this year because of smoking? The world health organizations are turning to the State of Israel and asking to equalize rolling tobacco tax, and the Finance Minister ignores them," Glick said.

Glick praying Selichot at Likud event
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He said the Finance Committee, headed by MK Moshe Gafni (UTJ), had already called on the Finance Minister to impose a tax on loose tobacco just like the cigarette tax. "Children go into the supermarket and buy tobacco, and Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon spurns them.

"The Labor, Welfare and Health Committee headed by MK Eli Alalouf (Kulanu) unanimously voted to equalize the tax on rolling tobacco, and Mr. Moshe Kahlon sticks out his tongue and says 'nya nya nya'.

"The Committee for the War on Drugs headed by MK Zandberg invited the Finance Ministry Director who said he would announce a discussion on the matter within a month.

"The State Comptroller writes a report and pleads: You committed to equalize the tax on rolling tobacco, and Moshe Kahlon doesn't care and gives us a middle finger," Glick told the Knesset plenum, "The Health Minister, who is in charge of health, begs: Equalize the tax on rolling tobacco! But Kahlon disregards.

"Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon takes our children hostage for political reasons, because in the Torah that I believe in, human life precedes everything, and I can no longer wash my hands of this, I cannot say anymore 'My hands did not spill this blood', so tomorrow I'm starting an indefinite hunger strike until the Finance Minister cares about the children of Israel."