'Policemen should protect - not sexually harass'

Minor photographed nude by police speaks to Arutz Sheva about humiliating treatment by police.

Yoni Kempinski ,

The boy in question at the spring
The boy in question at the spring

One of the minors who was allegedly photographed by police while bathing nude in a spring near Yitzhar returned to the scene of the incident Sunday.

"We went down to the mikveh to bathe and suddenly the Border Policemen came down and started taking pictures of us. It was not pleasant for us to be filmed naked so we stuck to the wall."

At this point, the boy said, the police moved away a bit and the boy and his friend left the spring. "We had not gotten dressed, and they came back and continued to photograph us. After we got dressed they left."

The boy described the humiliation he felt.

"It's really not nice to be photographed naked and it's a shame that this is what the Israeli police do instead of guarding us."

The boy's father told Arutz Sheva: "This situation in which my child came up to me at night and said: 'dad,' they did this to me and sexually abused me.' And this is by the policemen of the Israeli police who were supposed to protect us--it's not a situation we can keep quiet about."

"We will do everything we can to prevent these Border Policemen from circulating here. They should protect us and not sexually abuse our children. We have to stop this now," the father added.

The Border Police said in response: "The soldiers in the area wanted to clarify the identity of the young people for internal inspection after they did not obey their instructions on their way to the spring. Naturally, we will not be able to relate to the allegations when they are examined by the authorized bodies. "

The spring is used by local youth as a mikveh, a bath for ritual immersion.