Iraqi man confesses to murdering German Jewish girl

20-year-old Iraqi migrant living in Germany admits to strangling Jewish girl to death before fleeing back to Iraq.

David Rosenberg, | updated: 23:48

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An Iraqi man suspected in the rape and murder of a teenage Jewish girl in Germany admitted to strangling the girl, and is expected to be extradited back to Germany to be tried for the murder.

Last week, authorities in the German city of Wiesbaden, north of Mainz, found the remains of 14-year-old Susanna Maria Feldman near train tracks not far from a district housing a refugee shelter. Feldman had last been seen by her mother on the evening of May 22nd, and was reported missing the following morning.

Police said the body showed signs of violence, suggesting that the girl, a member of the Mainz Jewish community, had been raped and then strangled.

Ali Bashar, 20, a resident of the refugee shelter, had reportedly dated Feldman, and was suspected in the girl’s murder.

Bashar, who had been living in Germany with his family since 2015, fled the country after the murder, returning to Iraq. However, he has been extradited to Germany, and will appear in court on Sunday.

On Friday, however, authorities in northern Iraq apprehended Bashar, after Germany issued an international warrant for his arrest.

Following his arrest, Bashar confessed to Feldman’s murder, authorities in the autonomous Kurdish region in northern Iraq said.

Bashar said he murdered Feldman following a “dispute” between the two when Feldman threatened to call the police.

"During interrogation following his arrest, the young man originally from Kurdistan confessed to killing the German girl," Dohuk region police chief Tariq Ahmad said.

"The girl was a friend of his. They went on a trip to the woods and there they consumed a lot of alcohol and drugs then got into a dispute and the girl tried to call the police.”

Bashar had an extensive criminal record since his arrival in Germany in December 2015, including a violent robbery this March. Bashar is also the prime suspect in the rape of an 11-year-old girl.

Bashar is expected to be extradited to Germany from Iraq Saturday night.