Life under fire:
'Zionism is in the residents' blood here'

Nursery school teacher: 'Who guarantees we get to kindergarten safely?' Sdot Negev mayor: '1,000 missiles won't stop us from settling here.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Man walks dog past Iron Dome battery near Sderot, Israel
Man walks dog past Iron Dome battery near Sderot, Israel
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Following a situation assessment, Home Front Command decided to allow studies this morning in Gaza area schools and kindergartens.

Dozens of rockets were fired at Israel during the night with a total of more than 100 rockets and mortar shells fired in the past 24 hours.

Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha nursery school teacher and Ami'oz resident Smadar Bouaron told Army Radio: "I don't understand who guarantees we'll get to kindergarten safely; the real fear is the way to kindergarten - that's impossible to protect. Now I'm supposed to be on my way to work; I don't know what to do," she said.

Rocket attacks
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Sdot Negev Regional Council head Tamir Idan broadcast an optimistic message this morning, saying "Zionism is in the blood of the residents here - no one will make us give up - not a hundred and not a thousand missiles will make us stop settling this place."

"We mustn't fall apart - the children depend on us," explained Kibbutz Urim resident Dr. Julia Chaitin in an interview with Army Radio. "For the children's sake we show them we're all right - because that's what sustains them. The problem is that this is an impossible situation."