Islamic Jihad claims agreement reached on ceasefire

Islamic Jihad says understandings on ceasefire in Gaza have been reached following Egyptian-led contacts. Israeli official denies.

Elad Benari ,

Rocket hits kindergarten in south
Rocket hits kindergarten in south
Yedidya Harush/TPS

The Islamic Jihad said on Tuesday evening it reached understandings on a ceasefire in Gaza following Egyptian contacts between Israel and the Palestinian Arab factions.

According to reports, the ceasefire agreement is based on the understandings reached at the end of Operation Protective Edge four years ago.

A senior Israeli official denied the Islamic Jihad's claims and said there was no agreement on a ceasefire in Gaza.

The report comes after approximately 70 mortars and rockets were launched from Gaza into Israel in several barrages and single launches throughout the day on Tuesday. Some of the rockets were Iranian-made rockets.

The barrages began with the launching of 28 mortar shells at Israel communities near Gaza early Tuesday morning. One mortar struck near a kindergarten shortly before the children were to arrive for class.

Several more barrages of rockets were launched throughout the day. Three IDF soldiers were wounded by shrapnel from a rocket strike. One soldier remains hospitalized in moderate condition.

One rocket damaged a facility which provides electricity to Gaza, cutting power to the Hamas-run enclave.

The Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror groups claimed responsibility for the rocket and mortar barrages.

The IDF responded to the continuing rocket attacks with a series of airstrikes against terrorist targets in Gaza.

Earlier on Tuesday evening, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu held a security consultation with Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman at his office in Jerusalem. The consultation lasted for three hours and was attended by all the heads of the defense establishment as well as senior intelligence officials.

A senior political source said that "Israel views the attacks very seriously. Hamas is responsible for all the attacks." He added, "We do not want an escalation, but the IDF will react strongly to every firing from Gaza and will exact the price from them."