Hamas demonstration on Temple Mount

Friday Ramadan prayers on Temple Mount end with Hamas event drawing many thousands. 'With strength and blood we will redeem you, al Aqsa.'

Shimon Cohen ,

Pro-terrorist demonstration on Temple Mount (archive)
Pro-terrorist demonstration on Temple Mount (archive)

A pro-Hamas demonstration was held on the Temple Mount this past Friday.

Thousands of Arabs participated in the demonstration, which featured the flying of Hamas flags. Demonstrators chanted: "With strength and blood we will redeem you, al Aqsa" and pro-Hamas slogans.

Arutz Sheva spoke to Or Zemach, the chairman of the Lach Yerushalayim movement, about the demonstration in support of the Hamas terrorist organization which took place on the Temple Mount.

"This is the second Friday of Ramadan and prayers were attended by close to two hundred thousand Muslim worshipers," Zemach said. "Most of them came from outside Jerusalem through the Qalandiya Crossing and the Rachel crossing, and the Jerusalemites felt it well in the traffic jams and the closing of the roads on the way to the Temple Mount."

"At the end of the prayers, a very unusual event took place in front of our eyes, since we are accustomed to large crowds on the Temple Mount and Hamas has not been seen there for some time. The last such event was about one and a half to two years ago. We saw large flags with the Hamas logo and calls for the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades to take revenge Israel for the deaths of the terrorists in Gaza," he added.

Perhaps, we asked, the police acted correctly in not intervening in the pro-terrorist demonstration and allowing the demonstrators to blow off steam.

"We are not responsible for their 'blowing off steam,'" Zemach responded, adding that such 'steam' would ultimately be blown off in the form of attacks against Israelis.

"I don't expect the police to bring in the 200,000 demonstrators and take the Hamas members from among them, but we can expect that in the coming hours and days - and I am almost certain that this will be done - that the security forces will put their hands on those Hamas supporters and those who call out slogans against the State of Israel."

He said that the security forces have previously been able to identify and locate demonstrators who participated in celebrations upon the release of a terrorist who had attacked Israeli civilians, and that there was no reason to believe the security forces would not do the same in response to the demonstration on the Temple Mount.

"Major General Yoram Halevi knows his job, and we have a lot of respect for him and his policemen, and I am sure that work will be done in the future."