'They screamed 'slaughter the Jew' and tried to hurl rocks'

Police officer recalls attack by Bedouin residents of Rahat on Israeli police officers during traffic stop.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


A Be’er Sheva magistrate court rejected the appeal of two residents of the southern Bedouin town of Rahat who were arrested on suspicion of attacking police during a riot on Friday.

The two suspects, Osama Abu Siyam and Yusuf al-'Abara, will remain in custody until Wednesday.

The two are suspected of threatening and assaulting police officers and endangering lives in the bus lane.

This incident began after police arrested a driver while checking licenses. While the police were taking the driver into custody, two passengers of the car and a number of locals attacked the officers.

A police representative at the hearing said, “The suspects attempted to throw rocks and yelled to ‘slaughter the Jew’. This incident would have ended differently if not for police intervention.”

Meanwhile, a police officer who was arrested for hitting a suspect was released today.

The department imposed restrictive conditions on this officer, with which he was removed from his post and was prohibited from contacting others involved in the case.