Vandals hit yeshiva: 'Kahane is dead, what about Bennett?'

Apparent hate-crime as national-religious yeshiva in Tel Aviv targeted by vandals suggesting Education Minister be assassinated.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Spray paint
Spray paint

A national-religious yeshiva high school in Tel Aviv was hit by vandals overnight, with anti-Israel and anti-religious slogans, along with apparent calls to assassinate Education Minister Naftali Bennett.

On Monday morning, students and faculty at Bar Ilan Yeshiva L'omanuyot V'madaim were stunned to find the exterior walls of the yeshiva have been covered with hateful graffiti in English, Arabic, and Hebrew.

The slogans included the phrase “No Pride in Apartheid” in English as well as “There is no God”, “End the Occupation”, and “Free Palestine” in Hebrew.

The vandals also apparently called for the assassination of Education Minister Naftali Bennett, writing “Kahane is dead! What about Bennett?”

Rabbi Meir Kahane, the founder of the Jewish Defense League and former MK from the Kach party, was gunned down by an Arab terrorist following a speech in New York City in November, 1990.

The graffiti also included references and symbols used by far-left anarchist groups.

The dean of the yeshiva, Rabbi Benny Perl, lamented the lack of media interest in the desecration of the yeshiva building, suggesting that had the target been a mosque the incident would have been taken more seriously.

“If only we had been a mosque,” wrote Rabbi Perl. “[Activists] from [the left-wing NGO] Tag Meir would come and bring me a flower. The President would come, bearing the burden of his people. The media would shower [us] with compassion and care. The police, Shin Bet internal security agency, the Mossad, and CIA would figure everything out in some dark room. The City of Tel Aviv would clean up the mess and give us a few extra bucks. But we’re a yeshiva.”