Justice Minister blasts UN "Commission of Hypocrisy"

Min. Ayelet Shaked said UNCHR "could care less about human rights," after it votes for inquiry on Gaza "war crimes".

Gil Ronen ,

Flash 90

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked on Friday called the UN's Commission for Human Rights "hypocritical" and "pro-terror" and said it supported radical Islam, after it approved the establishment of a commission of inquiry on alleged "war crimes" committed by Israel in recent Gaza confrontations.

The UNCHR "could care less about human rights," said Shaked. "The Commission seldom criticizes the ongoing genocide in Syria, and ignores the Iranian threat against an entire country, and the cruel way in which Hamas uses women and children for its political goals," she accused.

Instead, said Shaked, the Commission "The Commission of Hypocrisy elects to attack Israel – the only democracy in the Middle East and one of the most moral countries in the world, in its attitude toward life and human rights."

The minister – who hails from the Jewish Home party – noted that most of the people killed in recent Gaza events were Hamas terrorists who were trying to break into Israel in order to carry out terror attacks and abduct soldiers. She stated that Israel would not hesitate to do whatever was needed to defend itself, even after the Commission pronounces the results of its "inquiry," which are known in advance.

"That 'inquiry' encourages terror," she declared. "That was Hamas' goal, and the Commission has been playing into its hands."