Heat wave to continue throughout Shavuot holiday

Heat wave will continue until early next week, meteorologists warn.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Summer weather (illustrative)
Summer weather (illustrative)

Israel's heat wave is set to continue throughout Shabbat (the Sabbath) and the Shavuot holiday, meteorologists warned.

Friday's weather will be hot and dry, a continuation of the heat wave which began earlier this week. Harsh eastern winds will blow in the country's north and mountainous regions during the morning, with harsh northern winds blowing along the coast in the afternoon.

Friday night will be mostly clear, with harsh eastern winds in Israel's north and center.

Saturday will see a drop in temperatures along the coast, but the rest of Israel will continue to be hot and dry. Strong eastern winds will blow in the northern mountains.

Sunday will see an additional drop in temperatures, with temperatures warmer than usual and the heat wave continuing in most areas of Israel.

Monday will see temperatures rise again, especially along Israel's coastline and in the lowlands. Most of the country will suffer from a continued heat wave.