New weapon against rioters: 'The Choco Drone'

Defense Ministry reveals technology for riot dispersal on Gaza border: Drone which releases bags of foul-smelling 'chocolate.'

Refael Levi ,

New weapon against rioters
New weapon against rioters
Defense Ministry Spokesperson

The Defense Ministry's directorate of research and development of weapons and technological infrastructure (Mafat) revealed Wednesday, in the context of disturbances on the Gaza border and in Judea and Samaria, a new development that will help IDF soldiers disperse rioters with nonviolent means.

The “Choco Drone” project was developed by Mafat and in cooperation with the Israeli defense industry, especially for the events of the current week, particularly “Nakba Day.”

This week, the drone began its operational activity in the Gaza Strip, with its operation defined as successful. With the new development, IDF forces are not required to reach a point close to the border - all operations are carried out from the air according to the decision of the commanding officer in the field.

The drone is designed to carry heavy weights and is suitable for a variety of uses as well as for low-altitude flying. The ability to disperse rioters was not among its planned uses, but when the need arose, its designation was changed within a short period of time.

The drone was fitted with a shell capable of holding a large quantity of bags containing foul-smelling substance - known as "chocolate."

The drone has the ability to release, as needed, those bags from the air onto the ground below. The bags burst, the content disperses the rioters. It is important to note that this is a development that has been tested and is not harmful even in cases of direct contact.

bags containing 'chocolate' (Defense Ministry Spokesperson)