Watch: IDF destroys terror tunnel

IDF planes destroy Hamas terror tunnel near Gaza crossing.

Uzi Baruch , | updated: 8:56 PM

The destroyed tunnel
The destroyed tunnel
IDF spokesperson

The IDF destroyed a Hamas terror tunnel near the Erez Crossing between Gaza and Israel, an IDF spokesman said Saturday night.

The tunnel, which was dug around the security perimeter a few meters from Israeli territory, was destroyed by fighter planes. It was intended to reach into Israeli territory, near an Israeli town, as well as to the Erez humanitarian crossing.

"Identification and neutralization of the tunnel are part of the ongoing efforts to foil underground terror by terror organizations, including the Hamas terror organization," an IDF spokesman said. "Operational, intelligence, and technological efforts have been increased in the past year, and we have added continuously-advancing technology which allows us to locate exactly where each tunnel is before it reaches the border fence. We are also building an underground barrier."

"The terror tunnel which was neutralized this evening is located near the Erez Crossing, which is used for foot traffic and humanitarian needs. The tunnel joins the tunnel dug under the Kerem Shalom Crossing which was neutralized in January. These tunnels prove the Hamas terror organization's cynicism towards Gaza's residents."

Slamming Hamas' investment in terror instead of in Gaza's residents, the IDF statement continued, "Hamas continues to invest enormous resources into building terror tunnels instead of investing in developing the Gaza Strip, thus harming the humanitarian efforts which Israel and other countries offer Gaza's residents."

"For the past several weeks, the Hamas terror organization has been working to make the border area, and the security perimeter into a terror and war zone. The violent disturbances of order continue to cover terror activities above and below ground. The tunnel which was neutralized is additional proof of this.

"The IDF will not allow this situation to continue, and will continue to work in a systematic and exact fashion to prevent it. The IDF warns everyone to stay away from the border during the violent events which Hamas is planning for May 14-15. We will not allow harm to Israel's sovereignty or to the security of its citizens, and we will continue working determinedly to fight terror both above and below ground."