Israel expecting rain, thunderstorms - in May

Israel gears up for rain, expecting warm weather to return towards the week's end.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Rain in Tel Aviv
Rain in Tel Aviv
Flash 90

As May begins, Israelis and tourists are gearing up for another week of rainy weather, with hot, dry weather expected to return towards the end of the week.

Monday will see local rainfall in most areas of Israel, and there may be isolated thunderstorms. Flooding may occur in southern and eastern streams, and temperatures will drop significantly.

The rain will lessen towards Monday afternoon, but Monday night will see local rainfall in northern Israel and along the coast, together with possible thunderstorms.

Tuesday will see scattered rainfall in Israel's north and center, along with isolated thunderstorms. There may be flooding in southern and eastern streams. Temperatures will drop slightly, becoming lower than seasonal average, and the rain will lessen towards afternoon.

Wednesday will be partly cloudy, with a slight rise in temperature. Local rain may fall in the afternoon, especially in Israel's north and mountainous regions.

Thursday will be partly cloudy or cloudy, with a significant rise in temperatures.