'EU lets Hezbollah bring rockets to aim at Israel'

Yair Lapid shows German parliamentarians how Hezbollah political wing uses legitimacy given by the EU to support terrorism in Middle East.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Lapid and Hellmich
Lapid and Hellmich

Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid held a series of meetings with senior members of the German parliament on Thursday aimed at enlisting them for a campaign to completely outlaw the Hezbollah terrorist organization in Europe.

Lapid met with Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble, Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Dr. Norbert Lammert and Chairman of the Defense Committee, Wolfgang Hellmich, and presented to dozens of parliamentarians in Germany how Hezbollah uses the legitimacy granted to the organization's political arm in Europe to raise funds, volunteers and to create a route to transfer money to support terrorism.

"I held a series of meetings today with the president of the Bundestag and senior members of parliament in Germany, during which we discussed in-depth discussion on the need to exclude Hezbollah from the European Union," Lapid said. "It has significance not only symbolically but also practically - to stop Hezbollah's cash flow, which later translates itself into missiles and rockets aimed at Israel, at our children."

"They understood. They are true fans of Israel. And from here we started on a path which has been going on for quite a while, the end result of with will be the outlawing of Hezbollah in Europe in its entirety," Lapid added.

In the past year, Lapid and a group of American congressmen and members of the European Parliament have lead a campaign to convince the European Union to declare Hezbollah's political wing a terrorist organization.

In the United States, Congressman Ted Deutsch has already passed House Resolution 359, which on the European Union to declare Hezbollah a terrorist organization. The Arab League declared Hezbollah a terrorist organization in 2016.

About two months ago, Lapid met with EU foreign minister Federica Mogherini and asked her to act to change the EU's policy on Hezbollah. At the same time, 60 members of the European Parliament signed a joint letter calling for the banning of Hezbollah's political wing in Europe.