Not just in Israel: Muslims in Germany shoot from their cars

Muslims migrants living in Germany block traffic, shoot live bullets into the air.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

German highway
German highway

The Muslim tradition of shooting into the air during wedding celebrations, as well as while accompanying the bride and groom's vehicle, is not limited to Israel.

In Germany, for instance, many immigrants from Muslim-majority nations have not assimilated into German society. Instead, they continue their Muslim traditions, including blocking traffic and shooting live bullets randomly in the air while driving to celebrate weddings.

A recent report by the Gatestone Institute's Soeren Kern discussed Muslim violence in Germany's schools and society. The report showed that one school with 99% migrant students had to hire security guards to protect teachers and students from "unruly" students.

The report also showed that videos of beheadings were "commonplace" at German schools, and the Muslim "practice" of taharush resulted in non-Muslim women being sexually assaulted by a group of Muslim males at an outdoor festival.

Meanwhile, a March survey conducted by the Civey Polling Institute, showed that most Germans (54.6%) do not believe that "Islam is part of Germany." An additional 19.7% responded Islam is "probably not" part of Germany.