Watch: Police dressed as 'settlers' arrest youth in Yitzhar

Police detectives enter Samaria community in costume and arrest youth. Car includes 'settler' bumper stickers.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Vehicle used in arrest
Vehicle used in arrest
Elhanan Gruner, Hakol Hayehudi

Police detectives arrested a youth in the Samaria community of Yitzhar Sunday afternoon, disguising themselves as "settlers" for the purpose of carrying out the arrest.

According to the report on the site "Hakol Hayehudi," on the vehicle, bearing a civilian license plate, in which the detectives arrived, stickers had been affixed reading "No Arabs, no attacks", "Uprooting communities rips apart the people" and "The land of Israel for the people of Israel."

The two detectives who were in the front seat of the vehicle arrived dressed in civilian clothes, including a head covering and tzitzit.