Seneca Nation celebrates Israel's Independence Day

Native American nation in New York celebrates with Israel in recognition of shared 'passion for freedom' and Israel's 'warrior spirit.'

Gary Willig ,

U.S. and Israeli flags
U.S. and Israeli flags
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The Seneca Nation, a federally recognized Seneca tribe based in western New York State, officially recognized April 19, 2017, as the '70th Anniversary of Israel's Independence.'

The proclamation states that "the Seneca Nation and the State of Israel share in common a passion for freedom and a willingness to fight for and defend our sovereignty and our shared right to be a free and independent people."

The proclamation further states: "The Seneca nation has admiration and respect for the warrior spirit of the Israeli people.”

"The warrior spirit of the Israeli people has enabled the State of Israel to protect and defend its sovereignty and its very existence against all that have tried to destroy it.

"Now, therefore, be it resolved that I, Todd Gates, President of the Seneca Nation of Indians, do hereby declare April 19, 2018 as Israeli Independence Day on the territory of the Seneca Nation of Indians."

Israel celebrates its Independence Day of the Hebrew anniversary of its declaration of Independence, the fifth of the Hebrew month of Iyar, which falls on April 19 this year.