Watch: 'Who are you, father?'

Four orphans of Yaakov Pereg, murdered 30 years ago near Har Bracha when they were young children, journey to learn about their father.

Mordechai Sones ,

Yaakov Pereg's children
Yaakov Pereg's children
Etrog Studios

Those who knew the late Yaakov Pereg merited to know him. His four children didn't. The eldest was 5 years old when Peleg was murdered in December 1988. The fourth was born only after the murder.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of his murder and the question "Who was Yaakov Pereg?" continued to echo and demand an answer. His children decided to produce a memorial film about Yaakov in the Etrog Studios.

Yaakov Pereg, was murdered in 1988 at the age of 33 while working as a land supervisor in Har Bracha, leaving behind a pregnant wife and three children.

A year ago the process began to produce a film about his character, with little physical memorabilia: a few pictures, a few old and short videos, one audio cassette, and a scribe's kit for writing Torah scrolls and other holy writings.

In the film produced 30 years after his death, it turns out that he was a visionary and his dreams were indeed fulfilled. The film illustrates the expression "realization of a vision." Yaakov lived the life of a dreamer - he herded sheep in the South Hevron Hills 35 years ago to conquer the land with agriculture, planted trees in Samaria, and worked to expand Jewish settlement in it. He did not care what anyone was liable to say. The main thing was the ideal.