Israeli flags proudly wave in Jerusalem's Muslim Quarter

Ateret Cohanim hangs Israeli flags throughout Muslim Quarter and several East Jerusalem locations for 70th anniversary celebrations.

Mordechai Sones ,

Flag in Abu Tor
Flag in Abu Tor
Ateret Cohanim

Ateret Cohanim this week renewed the Israeli flags that permanently hang on Jerusalem homes within Old City's walls.

Hundreds of new Israeli flags were hung on homes of Jewish residents living in Jerusalem's Old City in the Christian Quarter, the Muslim Quarter, as well as in East Jerusalem neighborhoods.

"We have an Israeli flag all year long and we don't need a special holiday to commemorate our connection to the Land of Israel and our great love for the country. But there's something special about these days when we celebrate Independence Day and Jerusalem Reunification Day when we proudly raise all the Israeli flags to wave from the frontispiece of all the houses," says Moshe Cordova, who lives in the Muslim Quarter, or as it's known by the locals - the Renewed Jewish Quarter.

"The flag of Israel symbolizes our great love for the State of Israel, and precisely at this time we celebrate the great miracle we had in establishing the State and the return of the People of Israel to its land. We raise the flag high above the houses so we'll have a compass," says Asaf Baruchi of Ateret Cohanim.

Flag in Rothenburg House; Ateret Cohanim

Ateret Cohanim employees participated in the flag-hanging work. The mission took several days due to the large number of flags and buildings in East Jerusalem's Jewish neighborhoods. From year to year the task requires more manpower, which is noted in the organization positively.

"During the Passover holiday a very large wave of visitors arrived in the Muslim Quarter, and next month with the many official events we're expecting - Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Jerusalem Day - we believe we'll double the amount and we'll continue strengthening Jewish sovereignty in and around the Old City, by Jewish presence and by the many flags that will be proudly displayed above all the houses."

Flag in Beit HaNof; Ateret Cohanim