Supreme Court: So there is no infiltrator agreement

Chief Justice Esther Hayut dismisses State's claim that agreement on illegal infiltrators is close with Uganda.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Esther Hayut
Esther Hayut
Hillel Meir/TPS

Supreme Court Chief Justice Esther Hayut dismissed the claims made by State representative Shosh Shmueli, who stated that there is a high chance of reaching an agreement on the absorption of illegal infiltrators in Uganda.

"So there is no agreement," Hayut said in response to the attorney's statement. She asked what happened to the agreements with Israel regarding the forced removal to the two countries.

"The agreement with one of the states collapsed according to what you are writing, and the state retracted the agreement with the UN and initiated incomplete negotiations with the third state. Is there an agreement with it - or not? If everything is signed, what else do we need to formulate and sign?" Hayut wondered.

Justice Hanan Melcer also wondered how the State could keep the infiltrators imprisoned while there was no country willing to take them in the present situation.

Earlier today, the state submitted an update to the Supreme Court, stating that "the third country is committed to an arrangement with it - a commitment that has been expressed even recently."

It was also reported that "between the emissary and his counterparts in the third third country, contacts are being held to formulate an update and an agreement on the arrangement."