Bnei Akiva to set up branches for haredim?

Conference decides to work for Sabbath-keeping businesses, protected Internet legislation, settlements, and to connect with haredi public.

Mordechai Sones ,

Bnei Akiva
Bnei Akiva
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The 24th National Leadership Conference of Bnei Akiva ended this morning in Gush Etzion, after an all-night session of votes and decisions that will affect the movement and its educational path in the coming years.

The movement decided to promote Knesset legislation to create protected Internet space and to work to strengthen the Jewish character of the State. Bnei Akiva calls for using Jewish identity in the educational curriculum and to expand the application of Jewish law.

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The hundreds of conference members also decided that the Implementation Division of Bnei Akiva and its Alumni Movement would be involved in establishing new settlements in the Galilee, Negev, and Jordan Valley.

The movement issued a call for unity with the haredi public and called to explore ways to establish Bnei Akiva branches adapted to haredi society.

In addition, the Bnei Akiva Conference calls on the Government of Israel to act to regulate settlement and apply sovereignty while safeguarding minorities' rights and preservation of the Jewish character of the State.

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The National Union Party congratulated Bnei Akiva on the movement's conference and its decisions. "We support the Bnei Akiva youth movement's decision to raise the banner of the struggle for the Jewish character of the State of Israel.

"The decisions made at the conference regarding strengthening public Sabbath, preserving the family unit, strengthening settlement and disadvantaged areas, connecting with the haredi public, and strengthening Jewish values without fear of religionization charges are the order of the day in the Israeli public.

"We are pleased to see the wonderful youth as an active partner in the effort to preserve a Jewish Israel and vigorously bless and support them! We will continue to work together with love and faith for the sake of the State of Israel," the National Union said.