Hamas: Gaza unemployed will 'snipe at Israel from a distance'

Hamas leader tells Gaza protesters there can be 'no peace' with Israel ever.

Gary Willig ,

Hamas rally, Gaza
Hamas rally, Gaza
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Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar on Sunday warned that the unemployed of Gaza would continue to clash with Israeli forces following the riots at the Israel-Gaza borderfence Friday.

"The unemployed who do not have work in Gaza have found work at your borders - to burn your equipment and shoot you from a distance," Sinwar said during a visit to one of the tent camps of the "March of Return" campaign Sunday.

"We came here to say that Hamas is not sitting in palaces or tunnels, we came to say that we are with you. Today we begin a march that will continue and will not stop until we open the borders at the right time," Sinwar told the demonstrators. "We are here to remind you that there is no peace with the enemy and that no experience or plan will make us decide to make peace with him."

Senior Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh also warned that "our people cannot tolerate the continued siege of Gaza. On Friday we stopped at the border but next time we do not know where the border will be."

Tens of thousands of Gazans took part in the protests at the border fence. At least 17 protesters who attempted to scale Israel’s security fence or hurled firebombs at soldiers were killed in Friday’s clashes, with hundreds more wounded. Ten of those killed were affiliated with the Hamas terror organization which rules the Gaza Strip.

The Hamas terrorist organization also sent a seven-year-old girl to confront IDF soldiers who were stationed along the border fence with Gaza. The IDF ensured that the girl returned safely to her parents

That evening, the IDF thwarted an attempted shooting attack by a terror cell in northern Gaza.