Terrorist who murdered Rabbi Ben-Gal indicted

According to indictment, terrorist decided to murder Jews simply for being Jews, following altercation with soldiers at Ariel Junction.

Tal Polon ,

Rabbi Ben-Gal and his wife, Miriam
Rabbi Ben-Gal and his wife, Miriam
Courtesy of the family

The Central District Prosecutor submitted this morning, Thursday, an indictment to the Central District Court in Lod against terrorist Abed al-Karim Adel Assi for the premeditated murder of 29-year-old Rabbi Itamar Ben-Gal at the Ariel Junction in Samaria, within the context of an act of terror.

The indictment charged the terrorist with deciding to commit a terror attack for nationalist-ideological reasons, and to cause the deaths of Jews simply for being Jews, following an altercation that took place between him and IDF soldiers at the Ariel junction.

The terrorist, a resident of Jaffa with a blue identity card denoting Israeli citizenship, had been at the Ariel Junction a day before the attack, during which he had taunted soldiers stationed there, according to a report in ynet.

According to the indictment, the terrorist purchased two knives in the PA-controlled city of Shechem on the day of the attack, then made his way to the Ariel Junction, where he saw Rabbi Ben-Gal standing.

Noticing that Ben-Gal was Jewish from his clothing and kippa (head covering), the terrorist approached him, drew one of the knives and forcefully stabbed Ben-Gal in his chest and stomach. Even after Rabbi Ben-Gal tried to flee the scene, the terrorist attempted to chase him in order to continue stabbing him, but a passing driver realized what was happening and hit the terrorist with his vehicle.

As a result of the terrorist’s actions, Rabbi Ben-Gal was fatally wounded and died immediately thereafter. The terrorist escaped from the scene of the attack, and was captured by security forces operating in Shechem about one and a half months later.

The prosecutor requested that the terrorist be detained until the conclusion of legal proceedings against him.