Miracle in southern Israel:
Terrorists infiltrated Israel with knives and grenades

IDF arrests 3 Arabs from Gaza armed with knives and grenades, after their footprints identified near security fence along southern Gaza.

Uzi Baruch , | updated: 11:36

האמל''ח שנתפס אצל המחבלים
האמל''ח שנתפס אצל המחבלים
צילום: דוברות המשטרה

An IDF force arrested 3 Arabs who had infiltrated into Israeli territory from Gaza this morning, Tuesday.

The Arabs were found to be carrying a number of knives and grenades.

The IDF said that "the incident is over, and it is now possible to return to routine activity."

Earlier, security forces conducted searches throughout the Eshkol region after finding the footprints of the Arabs near the security fence in the southern Gaza Strip.

The incident comes as demonstrations are expected this Friday throughout Judea and Samaria and along the border with the Gaza Strip, ahead of the Passover holiday.

Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh conveyed a message of reassurance this morning: "We do not have to worry about the event called Land Day."

"Regarding Gaza, this is not our specialty," Alsheikh said, adding that "we are close to the army and are aided by it and its intelligence, and are prepared for any scenario that may develop."

"In the end, the security situation is not expected to be any worse on the eve of the (Passover) holiday than it is at start of the holiday itself. From the nature of things, the transfer of the embassy creates a discourse but, at the moment, that discourse is not being translated into an abnormal level of severity.”