Good news:
Injured soldier regains consciousness and is out of danger

Improvement in condition of soldier seriously injured in Samaria terror attack. Condition now moderate, in intensive care.

Mordechai Sones ,

Vital signs
Vital signs

During the past 24 hours the condition of the soldier who was critically injured in a ramming attack near Mevo Dotan in Samaria has significantly improved.

Beilinson Hospital said this morning that the soldier had regained consciousness and was out of danger. The soldier is currently said to be in moderate condition but is still in intensive care.

In the attack on the road between Mevo Dotan and Hermesh, Captain Ziv Deus, 21, and Sergeant Natanel Kahalani, 20, from Elyakim, were murdered. Deus was a platoon commander in the rescue division and a regular security driver from the Menashe Regional Brigade.

פיגוע דריסה בשומרון
צילום: מאיר וקנין, פלאש 90

The investigation revealed that the soldiers were standing next to a pillbox between olive groves and the village of Yabed in the area of Mevo Dotan in Samaria. The terrorist who drove the vehicle identified the fighters, veered from the road, accelerated, and hit them.

The terrorist, Ala Kabha, who was released from Israeli prisons last April, admitted during his Shin Bet interrogation that he intended to deliberately run over and kill soldiers.