Could a joint Feiglin-Yishai list make it into the Knesset?

New poll sheds light on smaller faction's chances of passing electoral threshold for the Knesset.

David Rosenberg,

Eli Yishai (r) and Moshe Feiglin (l)
Eli Yishai (r) and Moshe Feiglin (l)

Could a joint list including a former Likud MK and the former chief of the Shas party pass the electoral threshold and enter the Knesset?

According to a recent poll conducted for Channel 2, former Interior Minister and ex-Shas chairman Eli Yishai’s Yahad party would receive 1.9% of the vote if new elections were held today – falling short of the 3.25% electoral threshold.

The party, which ran on a joint list with the right-wing Otzma Yehudit party in 2015, narrowly missed the threshold for the 20th Knesset, receiving 2.97% of the vote.

The poll also shows former Likud MK Moshe Feiglin, who led the Manhigut Yehudit faction within the Likud before breaking away to establish the Zehut party, receiving 1.2% of the vote.

Combined, the two would still fall short of the 3.25% threshold according to the poll – though a joint list could potentially draw more voters than the two factions could independently, with voters responding to the increased chances of a joint list entering the Knesset.

A 2017 poll showed the Zehut party winning 2% of the vote, though more than 5% of voters would vote for the party if they believed it would pass the minimum threshold. Twenty-one percent of all respondents said they would consider voting for Zehut.