Arab MK provocation during Pence speech will pass unpunished

Ethics Committee decides no sanctions against Joint List members following conduct during speech by US Vice President.

Mordechai Sones ,

Arab MKs expelled from plenum to applause of Jewish MKs
Arab MKs expelled from plenum to applause of Jewish MKs
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The provocation by Knesset members of the Arab Joint List during US Vice President Mike Pence's Knesset speech aroused much indignation in the Knesset.

The Arab MKs raised signs picturing the mosque atop the Temple Mount and shouted slogans condemning US administration policy on the Jerusalem issue.

Waving signs, shouting slogans; Arab MKs of Joint List
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Despite this, the Knesset Ethics Committee decided today not to impose sanctions against the Joint List MKs, beyond their having been immediately removed from the Knesset plenum when the incident occurred.

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The Committee decided that since the sanction stipulated in the rules for raising a sign was already carried out by the Knesset Chairman in real time when the MKs were removed from the plenum, there is no reason to impose additional punishment.

The Committee did however decide to warn Ministers Elkin and Liberman, who called the Joint List members "traitors" and "terror representatives in the Israeli Knesset" (respectively).

The Committee called these "inappropriate statements that have no place in the political discourse," and warned that if such statements were repeated, it would consider imposing sanctions on the two.

Hamas expressed support for the MKs, saying, "Hamas praises the role of the Palestinian members of the occupying Israeli Knesset in the resistance against the racist speech of Mike Pence against Jerusalem.

"Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Palestine," added Hamas.