Trump to Netanyahu:
'If Europe won't fix Iran deal, US will nix agreement'

Report: President Trump told Netanyahu that he won't accept Iran deal without substantive modifications, is willing to leave agreement.

Gary Willig ,

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The Trump administration has vowed to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal if European allies refuse to agree to major modifications to the agreement, according to a report Sunday night by Channel 10 reporter Barak Ravid.

According to the report, US President Donald Trump told Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu during their meeting last week that the changes the Europeans had proposed to the 2015 agreement were "cosmetic" in nature and not substantive, and were therefore unacceptable.

Trump has signalled that he will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal if substantive changes are not made to the agreement.

According to Ravid, President Trump told Netanyahu that if he is unable to secure European backing for major changes to the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, he would not hesitate to leave the deal.

The deal has been criticized for failing to address Iran's ballistic weapons program and for including 'sunset clauses' under which many of the restrictions on Iran's nuclear program would expire, and for failing to create an adequate inspection regime to assess Iran's compliance with the agreement.