Extremists hang effigy of IDF soldier

Police estimate that the effigy, which was soaked in oil, would have been burned later on.

Uzi Baruch, | updated: 11:44

Effigy of IDF soldier hangs from a Meah Shearim building
Effigy of IDF soldier hangs from a Meah Shearim building
Israel Police spokesperson

Haredi extremists hung an effigy of an IDF soldier in Jerusalem's Meah Shearim neighborhood.

Police officers called to the scene found the building and immediately removed the effigy.

The effigy was coated with what seemed to be a flammable substance, and was probably going to be burned later in the day.

Israel Police are investigating, have begun searching for the responsible parties.

"Israel Police will not allow any event which has signs of harming those in uniform," Israel Police said in a statement. "We will work determinedly, doing everything possible to locate those involved in these acts."

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman (Yisrael Beytenu) responded, "The image of an effigy of an IDF soldier hanging in Meah Shearim is horrifying. My job as Defense Minister is to protect those who incite as well. My job as a citizen is to fight them politically, and the authorities' job is to place them behind bars."

"I expect the haredi party heads to condemn this act."

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