This morning:
Hundreds pray at the tomb of Joshua for Purim

Hundreds of Jews visit tomb in PA village Kifl Haris in Samaria for morning prayers and megillah reading. 'Nothing more fitting on Purim.'

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קריאת מגילה בקבר יהושע
קריאת מגילה בקבר יהושע
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Hundreds of Jews entered the tomb of the biblical leader Joshua in the PA village of Kifl Haris in Samaria this morning for prayers and the reading of the Purim megillah.

The entrance to the village was tightly secured by IDF and Border Police forces. Among the visitors was commander of the Efraim Regional Brigade, Col. Idan Katz.

The burial site of Joshua son of Nun (Yehoshua Bin Nun) in the village of Kifl Haris appears at the beginning of the Book of Judges. Ancient traditions mentioned in early travelers' literature confirm the location of the tomb in the Samaria village. Geological findings also confirm the location of the tomb.

Shomron Council head Yossi Dagan, who was also present for the prayers, said that "The reading of the Book of Esther on this special day, in this special place, at the burial site of Yehoshua Bin Nun, the conqueror of the Land of Israel and the first Jewish chief of staff - there nothing more exciting than that. I thank the Ephraim Brigade, headed by Colonel Idan Katz, and Regional Defense Officer Major Dado for all this amazing work.”

"There is nothing more fitting on the Purim holiday than to draw strength from the roots of the Jewish People, to rejoice here in the joy of Purim. We will draw strength, and the government of Israel will draw strength, from the burial site of Yehoshua Ben Nun on the holiday on Purim, to inherit the land and settle it,” he added.