Abbas' political plan

Calls on UN Security Council to first recognize State of Palestine, then establish international framework for final status negotiations.

Mordechai Sones ,

Flash 90

In his speech before the Security Council, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas presented a plan for resolving the conflict.

Central to the plan is international recognition of the State of Palestine as a permanent member of the United Nations and establishment of an international framework for negotiations on final status issues.

Additional points in the political plan presented by Abbas include cessation of unilateral actions that may affect the final status agreement, full implementation of the Arab peace plan, and implementation of all relevant UN resolutions.

Other points set by Abbas are: Adherence to the principle of a two-state solution, opposition to partial solutions, a state with temporary borders, and a determination that eastern Jerusalem will be the capital of Palestine.

Abbas also mentioned the principle of deploying an international force to protect the security of both countries and a solution to the refugee problem on the basis of UN Resolution 194 (return and compensation).