2,000 demonstrators rally in Tel Aviv demanding Netanyahu resign

Following police recommendation PM be indicted, hundreds gather at left-wing rally calling for Netanyahu to resign.

David Rosenberg , | updated: 2:26 PM

Demonstrators in Tel Aviv demand Binyamin Netanyahu resign
Demonstrators in Tel Aviv demand Binyamin Netanyahu resign

Some 2,000 protesters gathered in Tel Aviv Friday afternoon to demand Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu resign following the police recommendation earlier this week that he be indicted on corruption charges.

On Tuesday, investigators announced that they had collected sufficient evidence to charged Netanyahu with taking bribes and breach of trust over his alleged receipt of some one million shekels ($283,000) in gifts from wealthy businessmen, and charges of collusion with a newspaper publisher to grant political favors in exchange for more sympathetic coverage.

The Prime Minister dismissed the announcement, maintaining his innocence and brushing off demands he either resign as premier or hand over state affairs to an acting Prime Minister for a leave of absence until the Attorney General makes a decision on the recommendations.

“I will continue to serve them [the Israeli people] and our state responsibly and with determination and from a deep sense of security, because I’m certain that in the end, the truth will win.”

Demonstrators in Tel Aviv demand Binyamin Netanyahu resign

On Friday, left-wing activists organized the latest in a series of protests demanding Netanyahu resign. In recent months, demonstrators have held 64 other weekly demonstrations, mostly in Tel Aviv and Petah Tikva, calling on Attorney General Mandelblit to indict Netanyahu, and demanding the Prime Minister resign.

Holding placards reading “Corrupt [politicians] go home”, “Crime Minister”, and “The c

Demonstrators in Tel Aviv demand Binyamin Netanyahu resign
Miriam Alster/Flash90

orrupt government needs to go”, roughly 2,000 protesters answered a public call by Eldad Yaniv to join the protest Friday afternoon in Tel Aviv's Habimah Square.

The cofounder of the left-wing “Eretz Hadasha” [New Country] party, attorney Eldad Yaniv has been one of main organizers of the weekly demonstrations against Netanyahu and Mandelblit.

The speakers at Friday’s rally included former Israel Police Commissioner Assaf Hefetz, and Israeli author Dorit Rabinyan. Singer Dana Berger is also expected to take part in the rally.