Immigrants in Austria: Judaism is harmful to the world

Survey of immigrants in radical bastion of Graz, Austria - most of them Afghans - finds 54.5% believe Jews only care about themselves.

Guy Cohen ,

Mosque in Austria
Mosque in Austria

A survey of asylum seekers in Graz, Austria - almost all Muslims, mainly from Afghanistan - found they were becoming increasingly religious and held strong anti-Semitic views. The survey was conducted by Ednan Aslan, Professor of Islamic Religious Education at the University of Vienna, on behalf of local authorities responsible for integrating immigrants.

Breitbart reported that Aslan interviewed 288 out of some 4,000 immigrants in state care in Graz, and found that 54.5% believed that Jews cared about no one but themselves, and 44.2% said that Judaism was harmful to the world.

More than half - 51.7 percent - said homosexuality was immoral, and 59 percent opposed same-sex marriage.

Two-thirds of the respondents were men under 30. Of those, 44.2% said they would support the use of violence against women who were not loyal to their husbands.

As for women, Aslan found that 62% saw great importance in wearing headscarves in public, and 44.3% said they refused to shake hands with men.

Almost half of the respondents - 49.8% - said that Islam plays a larger role in their lives in Austria than it did in their country of origin.

Graz is considered a bastion of radical Islam and 11 of its 20 mosques are under constant surveillance for fear of the presence of radical elements.