Left-wing singer recalls 'moving' visit to Samaria

Singer Achinoam Nini recounts visit with residents of Samaria hours before deadly terror attack

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Nini and Dagan in Samaria
Nini and Dagan in Samaria
Roi Hadi

Singer and filmmaker Achinoam 'Noa' Nini described Thursday the surprise visit she made last week to the Samaria region.

Nini, who has been noted for her left-wing opinions, was invited to visit Samaria after she wrote an article in Haaretz indicating her wish to tour Samaria.

"I had a very moving visit at the invitation of Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria Regional Council. I went to Peduel and to the Barkan industrial zone and sat down for a conversation with residents that was really fascinating," Nini told Army Radio.

Hours after Nini concluded her tour of Samaria, the shooting attack in which Rabbi Raziel Shevach was murdered occurred near Havat Gilad. "Unfortunately, this day ended very badly, in the attack near Havat Gilad. A resident of Havat Gilad was also at the meeting, so at the time I felt another personal connection to the matter."

She described the tour in Samaria as "very interesting. I hope this is the first meeting of many. You can communicate in a calm manner with the most charming people, whom I discussed many subjects with, and I think this communication is very, very important."

"Did the visit change my mind about my basic positions? Definitely not," Nini emphasized, "but it certainly allowed me to see what was happening there, to tour the place and get to know people. I really believe in it. I think it's very important and I hope to continue with it."

The head of the Samaria council, Yossi Dagan, said he invited Nini to Samaria in response to her request. "I am sure that the meeting brings first of all to calming the spirits and lowering the level of hatred and disagreement between the camps and without any connection we met an open person who thirsts to hear and to be heard."

"We're looking forward to the next meeting," Dagan said. "We believe in a direct connection and recognition of Samaria without mediation."