Watch: IDF destroys Hamas terror tunnel

Army releases footage of demolition of Hamas terror tunnel along Israel-Gaza border.

David Rosenberg ,

Demolition of Hamas terror tunnel
Demolition of Hamas terror tunnel
IDF spokesperson

The IDF released footage Thursday of its recent demolition of a terror tunnel used by the Hamas terror organization underneath the Israel-Gaza border.

On Sunday, Israeli Air Force aircraft destroyed the tunnel, which ran from the city of Rafiah in southern Gaza to a point some 590 feet inside Israeli territory in the western Negev.

The tunnel ran underneath the Egypt-Gaza pipeline.

According to IDF spokesperson Ronen Manelis, IDF forces had located the tunnel several days before the demolition.

“We carried out a professional and precise operation over a blatant violation of Israeli sovereignty," Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said in a statement the morning after the demolition. "The demolition of the attack tunnel system is an important factor in the policy of systematically harming Hamas' strategic ability. The message to Gaza leadership and its residents is clear: Invest in the sanctity of life, and not in burial tunnels."