Bereaved widow: Our comfort is building the land, not revenge

Following capture of terrorists, widow of rabbi murdered last week in shooting attack says true comfort will come from building the land.

Arutz Sheva Staff , | updated: 8:32 AM

Yael Shevach
Yael Shevach
Samaria spokesperson

Yael Shevach, the widow of Rabbi Raziel Shevach, responded on Thursday morning to the capture of her husband's murderers.

On Wednesday evening, forces from the IDF and the Border Police’s Yamam counter-terrorism unit located in Jenin three terrorists who carried out the shooting attack near Havat Gilad last week, in which Rabbi Raziel Shevach was murdered.

Two of the terrorists were arrested, and one was eliminated.

During the operation, two Border Police officers were injured, one lightly and one severely. Both were transferred to the hospital, and the severely injured officer is now in stable condition and out of danger.

"I thank the security forces for their determined actions to catch the terrorist," she said. "I wish for the recovery of all the injured police officers, who worked bravely and determinedly. Other than that, this isn't a significant event for me. Our comfort is not in revenge but in building the land."

"I call on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu: Break your silence, adopt Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman's (Yisrael Beytenu) suggestion to approve Havat Gilad, and bring it for a government vote *this Sunday*. This is our comfort, this is our request, and this is the true answer to the murder of my husband and my children's father."

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, who followed the developments during the operation in Jenin, said Thursday morning, "I'm proud and appreciative of the best of our sons, who are still working in their stubborn pursuit of the murderers of Rabbi Raziel Shevach."

"Our thanks to them and to all the security forces who are taking part in this important operation with great courage and heroism. We are praying for the wounded soldiers and we send them a hug of backing and love."

Meanwhile, Liberman welcomed the terrorists' capture and elimination, saying, "I congratulate the Special Weapons and Tactics soldiers for their courage and wish them a speedy recovery. The terrorists will have no place to hide. We'll get the terrorists everywhere."

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home) said, "The capture of Raziel Shevach's murderers is a message to all potential terrorists: The State of Israel's long arm will catch you in every place and every time. I am proud of the Yamam for successfully capturing the terrorists. I wish a speedy recovery to those injured during the operation."

Labor leader Avi Gabbay said, "I congratulate the long and determined arm of our security forces, who prove again and again that they reach every terrorist. I wish a speedy recovery to those officers who were injured."

Security forces have indicated that the operation is not yet complete.