Calls for vengeance distributed at IDF base

Soldier arrested on suspicion of printing leaflets calling for revenge after terrorist murder of Rabbi Raziel Shevach.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

site of terror shooting near Havat Gilad
site of terror shooting near Havat Gilad
Maor Levi/TPS

Leaflets containing incitement for revenge in retaliation for the murder of Rabbi Raziel Shevach were found at a military base Monday evening.

The military police opened an investigation into the incident, during which a soldier suspected of preparing and distributing the leaflets at the base was arrested.

"In response to the terrible murder that took place at Havat Gilad and as revenge for the shedding of the blood of Rabbi Raziel Shevach, the reorganization of a unit of reprisals is being organized to restore national honor," the leaflet said.

The IDF Spokesperson's Office stated that "the IDF regards every case of violence and incitement as serious and condemns any act of this kind, and will continue to enforce the law against any act of violence or violation of the law, order and discipline."