El Al plane carrying Dep. Minister makes emergency landing

Plane forced to make emergency landing at frozen Canadian airbase with Israeli politician on board. Replacement plane sent.

Gary Willig ,

El Al airplanes
El Al airplanes
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El Al sent a replacement plane to replace the aircraft which was forced to carry out an emergency landing in Canada after a defect with the wheels was identified Sunday morning.

El-Al flight 008 took off from JFK Airport in New York on a non-stop flight to Israel Sunday morning. The plane made an emergency landing at the Canadian Air Force Base in Goose Bay after the malfunction was detected. Passengers also reported hearing strange noises from the engines.

The passengers were forced to remain on the aircraft for hours as the outside temperature was a dangerous negative twenty degrees Fahrenheit. The expected high temperature in Goose Bay is negative nine degrees,

One of the passengers currently stranded is Deputy Israeli Education Minister Meir Porush (United Torah Judaism).

El Al announced that it was sending a replacement plane from New York to Goose Bay to pick up the passengers and complete their flight to Israel.

"El Al personnel are working to take care of the problem and take care of the passengers," the company said.

The replacement 747 took off at 11:40 AM local time and is flying at 726 MPH, well above the normal cruising speed for civilian aircraft.

The plane is expected to depart from Goose Bay at approximately 4 PM eastern standard time.