Weather forecast: Rainy week

Winter returns after particularly warm weekend. Rainfall expected today, tomorrow, and Wednesday, but not heavy storms.

Mordechai Sones ,

Stormy weather
Stormy weather
Flash 90

This week's weather is expected to be wintery after a particularly warm weekend. Rains have already returned and will continue throughout the week.

Today it will rain periodically, with some thunderstorms in the northern Israel. In the center of the country, local rain is expected mainly in the morning, and there will be strong winds. There will be a significant decrease in temperatures and the south of the country may be hazy.

By nightfall rain is expected from the north to the northern Negev. In the north of the country there may be thunderstorms.

On Monday, local rains, mostly light, are expected to fall from northern Israel to the northern Negev. Temperatures will not change significantly.

Tuesday will be partly cloudy to cloudy. There may be drizzling. Temperatures will not change significantly. On Wednesday, local rains are expected to fall in northern and central Israel. Temperatures will not change significantly.