Netanyahu: UNRWA needs to depart this world

PM expresses support for Trump's warning US could cut funding of UN agency, says Israel suggested cuts in the past.

Mordechai Sones,

Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu this morning opened the weekly cabinet meeting on the issue of stopping US support for UNRWA.

"I completely agree with Trump's sharp criticism of UNRWA. This organization has to pass from the world," Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu added, "UNRWA is an organization that perpetuates the Palestinian refugee problem and also perpetuates the narrative of the so-called right of return in order to destroy the State of Israel."

"UNRWA needs to pass from the world," Netanyahu said, "there is a UN commission for the treatment of the other refugees in the world. This absurdity must be stopped."

Netanyahu said he also told the Americans that he believed UNRWA funds should be transferred gradually to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, which deals with refugees worldwide.

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