Democracy advances forward despite the hatemongers

Keyboard heroes, frustrated politicians and street urchins work to delegitimize a duly elected government. Opinion.

Rabbi Dr. Chaim Shein ,

Anti-Trump protesters
Anti-Trump protesters

The book by journalist Michael Wolff, Fire and Fury, in which the author casts aspersions on the sanity and intellect of President Donald Trump, is another layer in the construction of a new and sophisticated threat from an unexpected direction to modern Western democracy.

At the basis of democracy lies the assumption that all human beings are equal and that every citizen, regardless of his status, occupation, or training, has a basic right to choose the accepted leadership. According to the democratic rules of the game, the minority can not impose its opinion on the majority, even if the minority is convinced that only he is suited to power - and he and only he has a monopoly on reason.

Keyboard heroes, frustrated politicians, and street urchins are working together to delegitimize a legally elected government. In the United States, their effort is focused on smearing the personality of the president who was elected against their will and predictions.

The liberal left and its representatives in the media, from the moment of publication of the election results, have not accepted them, and continue to make every effort to oust the president. It does not matter to them that within just one year, Trump was able to improve the US economy, reduce unemployment, and restore to the US its lost honor that was eroded during Obama's two terms. The systemic madness reached a strange climax when a senior representative on the Jewish Agency Board of Governors tried to convince me that there was no difference between Hitler and Trump.

It is not surprising that in Israel, too, there is a similar attempt to change the government without resorting to the voter's ballot. A process called in the vernacular a "putsch". The Israeli equivalent is by imposing heavy pressure on the law enforcement agencies to file a blistering indictment, and by enlisting former officials who have personal accounts with Netanyahu in order to defame him and demonize the Prime Minister and his family. In the struggle against Netanyahu every means is kosher, there is no protection of human dignity, no presumption of innocence, incitement is rampant, and the Knights of Quality Government steamroll elected officials.

I am sure that the attempts in the US and in Israel will not work. Democracy is stronger than those who sow hatred and try to stir up a storm.

Courtesy of Israel Hayom

Translated by Mordechai Sones