Five Jerusalem Arabs arrested for attacking police

Police arrest five Jerusalem Arabs, court indicts them for rioting, damaging property, and attacking officers.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Police arrest Arab rioter
Police arrest Arab rioter
Basel Awidat/Flash 90

Five Arab residents of the Old City of Jerusalem have been arrested on charges of rioting, assaulting a police officer and deliberately damaging property two weeks ago.

During the incident, the suspects torched a sofa near Majles (Inspectors or Council) gate on the northern end of the Temple Mount's western boundary, tried to block the entrance. At the same time, they began riots, disturbances, and threw stones and firecrackers at Border Guards and police.

Police units at the scene responded to the attacks, preventing the development of further riots an arresting three minor suspects. During an ongoing investigation and via the use of technology, police later arrested an additional two suspects who had previously fled., who appeared in court and remained under arrest.

All of the suspects have been indicted for attacking police officers, participating in riots and damaging property.