Likud's 'new leadership'

'Peace Now' activists adorn Likud headquarters in Tel Aviv with sign of protest: 'Bennett and Smotrich have taken control of Likud.'

Yoni Kempinski ,

New leadership
New leadership
Peace Now

Employees and passersby discovered this morning that Likud party headquarters on King George Street in Tel Aviv had been adorned with a new sign.

The sign showed pictures of Education Minister Naftali Bennett and his fellow Jewish Home faction member Betzalel Smotrich, under which were emblazoned the words: “With new leadership.”

“We came here because Bennett and Smotrich have taken over Likud,” said Avi Buskila, head of the radical leftist "Peace Now" group which was behind the move.

Buskila added, “In recent weeks, there is no Prime Minister in Israel. Netanyahu sold what little values and statesmanship were left to him, and he is doing everything to survive. Suddenly, he is an avid supporter of the death penalty for terrorists, he adopts Bennett’s annexation plan and pays hush money to rabbis of the settlers. Likud would be wise to wake up to the fact that the small and extremist minority has become their leadership, to take responsibility and internalize that a prime minister up to his neck in investigations is no longer equipped to lead the country.”

Peace Now activists arrived at the headquarters early this morning, after hanging signs across Israel in recent days which showed a picture of Netanyahu and the words, “A politician going by the name ‘Bibi’ is lost, anyone who has information about his location is asked to immediately notify his master, Naftali Bennett.”

Peace Now said that this is only the beginning of a series of expressions of protest against what the group calls the “Netanyahu’s liquidation sale that is leading Israel to a reality of apartheid.”