MDA leaves Judea and Samaria, United Hatzalah enters

Following gov't failure to transfer promised budget, Magen David Adom forced to cut Judea, Samaria. United Hatzalah steps in to help out.

Yoni Kempinski,

United Hatzalah volunteers
United Hatzalah volunteers
United Hatzalah spokesperson

The United Hatzalah volunteer paramedic organization on Sunday evening informed Yesha Council chairman Hananel Dorani that United Hatzalah’s volunteers would agree to deploy in Judea and Samaria, following Magen David Adom’s (MDA) announcement that it would reduce its activities in Judea and Samaria.

Earlier on Sunday, the Director-General of MDA notified the Ministry of Health that it would be significantly reducing its activities in Judea and Samaria due to lack of state funding for it.

Subsequently, Dov Maisel, Senior Vice President of Operations at United Hatzalah, wrote to Dorani, "In view of the announcement by MDA management that starting tonight, January 1 2018, the activity of MDA in Judea and Samaria will be stopped/reduced, we at United Hatzalah offer our assistance to interested communities.”

"If necessary, ambulances and volunteers will be on call in the communities and, if necessary, evacuate the sick or wounded to the hospitals," he added.

Maisel noted that "heads of communities wishing to reinforce the response in places where Magen David Adom services will be stopped or reduced are invited to contact us and together we will prepare for the continuation of the medical response in Judea and Samaria until a solution is found."

He stressed that "our activities will be done voluntarily and for free."