'Sovereignty - the solution that is already happening'

Dozens of activists and supporters of the vision of sovereignty gather at the Oz veGaon preserve to launch the 48-hour fundraising campaign.

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Sovereinty conference
Sovereinty conference
: גרשון אלינסון. נשים בירוק

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Dozens of activists and supporters of the vision of sovereignty gathered at the Oz veGaon Preserve for the launch of the 48-hour fundraising project to promote the momentum of the campaign for the coming year.Accompanied by dozens of activists and supporters from all parts of Israel, the Sovereignty Movement, founded by Women in Green, launched the national fundraising operation that will last 48 hours, to promote the momentum of the Sovereignty Campaign with a series of activities and projects.

There were several speakers at the launch, which was held at the Oz veGaon Preserve at Gush Etzion, including Rav Baruch Efrati, the head of the Derech Emuna group of rabbis; journalist and commentator Caroline Glick; architect Yoram Ginsburg and economist Eran Bar Tal.

The event began with words of welcome by the heads of the Sovereignty Movement, Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar, who explained the importance of the project, especially in these times and with there was a viewing of a video that was prepared specifically for the event, star actor and comedian Noam Jacobson.

Yehudit Katsover began her words with a message relating to the difficulties of the People of Israel in its Land, a message which focus is that the connection between Israel and its Land comes from below to above, from the people who act within the practical world to the redemption that is approaching, with the Almighty's help.

Rav Baruch Efrati spoke of the connection between the days of the Exodus from Egypt and the holy women, thanks to what Israel was redeemed; and these days when the vision of sovereignty is also being led by women, stating the women's activism by women in Green, and especially that of its heads, Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar.

Afterward, Rav Efrati said that the stubbornness of the People of Israel is a curse that has become a blessing because of the pertinacity of the People to cleave to its Land despite the resounding voice of logic echoing "there is no chance". "When we are tenacious about the truth the world gets in line", he said and mentioned, in this context, President Trump's recognition as one of the proofs of this. "If we remember that the Land of Israel belongs to us and not to the Arab enemy, and that the State of Israel must apply sovereignty in the Land of Israel, the world will take our lead accordingly", he said, stating that just as a parent does not love his child for the benefits that stem from this, sovereignty in the Land of Israel is not done for the economic, security or other benefits that it may offer, although all of these are true - we must apply sovereignty simply because the Land belongs to us ".

Journalist Caroline Glick embarked the historic importance of Trump's speech and stated that we can learn from it an important principle of sovereignty. She says that Trump's speech explodes the Arab lie about the connection between the People of Israel and its Land, a connection that views the State of Israel as a refugee camp for Auschwitz survivors and nothing more. Trump did this by proclaiming the simplest of truths, which actually, everyone agrees to, which is that Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish People ".

Ms. Glick says that this is how the issue of sovereignty should be taken, by promoting the steps that are within the consensus such as human rights, equality and other principles. These steps, which enjoy a broad and general agreement, have been implemented concretely in Judea and Samaria even before this process has been carried out in Israel's Knesset. "Control of Judah and Samaria becomes inevitable and we must deepen and strengthen it, making sure that each step is done in accordance with the general conceptual texture that determinates irreversible steps".

Architect Yoram Ginsburg laid out the principles he used in preparing the first National Outline Plan to include Judea and Samaria and to actually change the face of the State of Israel within three decades, but he began his speech emphasizing the principle of sovereignty. According to him, the sovereign determinates his own steps without any external considerations. He thereby stated that we must remember that it is either Trump nor Balfour who awarded the Jewish People the rights to its Land. "Who is Balfour compared to Abraham and Moses? The recognition of our sovereignty does not depend on anyone else. "

Economist Eran Bar Tal, in his speech, claimed that the main activity centering on the vision of sovereignty must focus on preparing hearts for the day when a courageous leader will arrise who will personally sign off on these processes. According to him, the process of sovereignty is the only realistic one and it is actually happening in the field with practical steps in settlement and the internalization that the process of sovereignty is the only one that is good both for the Jews of this land and its Arabs as well. In this regard, Bar Tal rejected the arguments being made that the process of sovereignty is not feasible economically, noting that the economic benefit to the State of Israel from this process is, in the long range, greater than the costs. This is due to the cost of land that will be used for housing as well as the additional workers that will be available in the labor market. "Sovereignty is not only an implementable step, but also a solution for the quality of life for us and for the Arabs. There is no other solution surrounding sovereignty ", he stated.

After these four speakers, the volunteers gathered and began the actual telephone campaign. The Sovereignty Movement reports that there is an impressive response from donors from all parts of Israel and from abroad as well.

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