Terror group: Our response to tunnel destruction is ready

Islamic Jihad says that it has prepared unanticipated 'options' in response to Israel's explosion of terror tunnels near Gaza.

Tal Polon ,

Terror tunnel
Terror tunnel
Flash 90

A senior official in the Islamic Jihad terror group threatened Israel on Saturday night, saying that its “response” to Israel over its destruction of the terror tunnel network last week was ready.

Last Monday, the IDF Southern Command employed new technology and destroyed a large terror tunnel found near Khan Yunis in southern Gaza. At least 12 terrorists were killed in the destruction of the tunnel, including a senior terrorist from Islamic Jihad.

Following the incident, a senior IDF official in Southern Command warned that Islamic Jihad saw the operation as a failure for the group, and would likely seek revenge.

“We must be careful against complacency and a feeling of success,” the official warned. “We are gearing up with a high level of preparedness - at any moment, there could be an incident.”

“We are on full alert,” he emphasized. “Whoever acts against us and against [Israel’s] sovereignty will pay a heavy price.”

The Islamic Jihad official, however, claimed that the terror group had prepared unanticipated “options.”

“People are used to familiar responses, like rocket-launchng, but we have other options at our disposal.”