Watch: South African leftists threaten to occupy Israeli embassy

Members of South Africa's third largest party demand Israel withdraw ambassador, threaten to 'occupy Israeli embassy'.

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David Rosenberg , | updated: 2:59 AM

EFF demonstrators protest outside of Israel's South African embassy
EFF demonstrators protest outside of Israel's South African embassy

Hundreds of far-left South African demonstrators protested in front of the Israeli embassy in South Africa, demanding the South African government shut down the embassy and expel the Israeli delegation.

The demonstration, held in the northern city of Pretoria, was organized by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party, the third largest political party in South Africa.

EFF chief Julius Malema led the protest, and called upon participants to “occupy” Israel’s embassy on the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, which led to the League of Nations Mandate to establish a Jewish national home in the historic land of Israel.

“We love Self determination, peace & justice, democracy is our nickname,” Malema tweeted. “We are not free until Palestine is free, let’s occupy Israel embassy.”

During the demonstration, Malema called for the abolition of Israel as a Jewish state, and its replacement with an Arab-majority state of Palestine.

“We want one state. We want the Palestinians and the Jewish community to live under one democratic country.”

A statement by the EFF denounced Israel as an “apartheid” regime and called for a boycott of Israel.

“The Balfour Declaration is a letter by British Authorities which guarantees support for the establishment of a Zionist regime in Palestine for Jewish people.

“This culminated into the colonial founding of the Israeli regime in 1948 to the displacement of millions of Palestinian people. Israel has therefore been sustained by Western Imperialist regimes like the USA and Britain in its assault on Palestinian human rights for more than half a century.

“The EFF calls for the expulsion of the Israeli Embassy from South Africa and the recall of our foreign mission in Israel. We must do this in support of the call for an international boycott of Apartheid Israel until they recognize the end the occupation of Palestinian land.”

South Africa’s Eyewitness News reported that the crowd dispersed following Malema’s speech, and that no injuries or arrests during the event.